Easy $100 A Day Movie Method

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Here is a quick easy method that will allow you to make a $100 a day. Simply follow the no fluff steps below and start earning.

1. Go to http://answers.yahoo.com and create 2 yahoo answers accounts and fill your profiles with legit looking info and believable profile pictures.

2. Go and register for a bee4 account.

3. Now go to http://www.imdb.com/movies-coming-soon/ and make a list of titles of movies releasing within 30 days.

4. Now take the 1st one from the list, login to your 1st yahoo account and ask some questions like

  • Where to download [TITLE]?
  • Where to download [TITLE] full movie?
  • Download [TITLE] Free
  • Free Download [TITLE]
  • [TITLE] Torrent

and so on…

5. Just Google [TITLE] and grab any random result link or you can use a link promoting a clickbank movie download site (this is preferred)

6. Lock that link with bee4, get your shortened URL and answer all your questions with your 2nd yahoo account. you’ll get your yahoo account banned if you use http part of your link, so just remove the http and use “\” instead of “/”. No worries, you will still receive a load of hits.

7. Login again to your 1st yahoo account and choose your own answers as best answers and stop using those 2 yahoo accounts any further.

8. Repeat the above steps with all [TITLE]s with fresh yahoo accounts.

9. Wait few days and watch money rolling in.

That’s it! when people start to Google for download links for those new movies, your yahoo answers will be ruling the 1st page of Google because there will be no keyword competition for those titles yet. Easy way to generate some income with no investment needed. Now go and prosper :)

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