How To Get Accepted to CPA Networks

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You can make very good money by driving traffic to CPA offers. But before you do that you have to apply to CPA Networks and more importantly get accepted by them to be able to promote their CPA offers.

Below is a step-by-step on how to get accepted into the top CPA Networks.

STEP 1:  The first thing you need is a web hosting account. I choose Bluehost because they are super easy to work with.  If you’re new to online marketing  go with Bluehost. Here’s a review on them “internet business hosting” and a coupon for the best price on hosting and a free domain name.

STEP 2:  Register a domain/domains. You could grab a free domain name with the hosting coupon above or grab more domains through Godaddy. The more sites you have that are well built the better. Also create a personal email with your best built domain ex: This can be done simply by clicking the add email option on the cpanel through your hosting account.

STEP 3:  Install wordpress on your domain. Most top hosting providers have an easy one click install option. Build some pages and posts filling your site up with content. Once you get into one CPA company, put the CPA ads on them as the other companies will see that and like it.

STEP 4:  You need to be ready to answer all those questions from the CPA company:

Q:  How many uniques a month do you get?
A:  50000-100000

Q:  How do you get traffic?
A:  I build blogs and webpages and I get traffic through PPC on google.

Q:  How long have you been doing Internet Marketing?
A:  1 year and a half

Q:  What has worked for you in the past?
A:  Only PPC

Q:  What vertical/category/kind of offer you want to promote, or have promoted in the past?
A:  Anything that converts, I’ve done gaming, freebies, health, ringtones, email submit, etc..

Q:  Do you offer incentives?
A:  NO

Q:  How much do you spend on advertising?
A:  100$ per day

Q:  Do you work with other network, which ones?
A:  YES, name any that you have been accepted at or name any random ones.

Q:  How did you hear about us?
A:  My friend told me, but he doesn’t work with you.

STEP 5:  On a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (not a Friday), go apply to as many CPA Networks as you can. The more the better chances are you won’t get accepted to all of them. And it’s always better to have multiple options as you will learn that not all CPA Networks are created equal. Use your email with your domain looks 100 times more professional than a free email. Use your websites. And use your pre-rehearsed answers to fill the forms.

Here are some the the top CPA Networks to apply to:





EWA Network

Step 6: Check where each CPA Network headquarters is located and call them back the next day after you have submitted your application. The best time to call is around 10am-1pm based on their time zone. You should have all their numbers in your email inbox. They WILL call you and if you don’t pick up you WILL get denied. It is always better to call them first and to be ready.

If you are nervous call a friend and talk a bit before (don’t tell him about the CPA thing). Walk while you call them (or do something else like driving or laundry etc). It gives momentum and confidence.

Call all of them one after another. Don’t get lazy. If you get denied disregard it. Momentum is key, your confidence and acceptance rate will grow the more of these you do.


I highly suggest that you first try applying to as many CPA Networks as possible BEFORE applying to the top five listed above. This way you will know what to expect and have the experience and confidence to better your chances of getting accepted to the top CPA Networks listed above.

Here’s a list of other CPA Networks to try first:

Adscend Media
Cutting Edge Offers
Wolf Storm Media
ACP Affiliates
Envy Us Media
Above All Offers
CPA Tank
Epic Direct Network
Axon Media Group
Point Click Track
CPA Prosperity
Yeah CPA
Get Ads
Nam Offers
Ad Angler
infinite Ads
CPA Publishers
Exclusive CPA
Epic Edge Media
Prestige Revenue
Ad Work Media
NDemand Affiliates
CPA Staxx
Conducive cpa
One Better Network
Campaign Creatives
Consumer CPA
Rev Clicks Media
Blue Track Media
Qwik Media
Click Rover
Roustum Network
Advert Marketing Inc
Hold Click
Black Fire CPA
Blvd Media Group
KSIX Network

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