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I wasn’t convinced that it is possible to make money with Pinterest, so I played around with it for a little bit over an hour. I have a friend of mine who has a completely legit blog and she gets over 2,000 unique views per day through Pinterest. Those 2,000 UVs make about $20 per day on her blog. She knows absolutely nothing about internet marketing, but she has a decent blog and some good products.

So this got me thinking that really anyone could make some money on Pinterest and I have written down exactly what I did to make $4.00 on Pinterest today. For “noobs” this is a very easy way to start making your first money online.

What you need

  1. Pinterest Account.
  2. Adsense Account. Don’t have one? Apply for it.
  3.  Blogger Account. Don’t have one? Stop being lazy and click three buttons.

So you’ve got those three things…what do you do now?

1) Log in to your Pinterest account and go to the popular pins page. This is more or less like your trending page on twitter. On this page you are going to find about 100 pins that are currently popular on Pinterest.

2) Right click and save the images from Pinterest onto your computer. This is easy and I did the 100 test pins in about 3 minutes. Make a folder called Pinterest on your desktop and save the images there to keep yourself organized.

3) Head to and create a blog with pinterest in the title. Doesn’t really matter. Choose the basic adsense template to go on your blog. I did absolutely nothing to my blog it looks like crap and I put up the basic adsense slots.

4) upload the 100 images that you just downloaded to your blog. This is the most time consuming step. I did them 3 at a time. You may be able to do all 100 at once…i don’t know, I didn’t try.

5) go through your blog and pin the images that you just uploaded to your blog. write really basic descriptions for the pins, such as “hahah” or “yumm”. Really stupid stuff…this isn’t hard.

6) Sit back and watch the traffic come in. 10 minutes after completing this, I had delivered 345 UVs to my blog and got an email alert stating:

Gena Abel likes your pin ‘so cool’

Christine Murphy likes your pin ‘so cool’

Tasha Mac likes your pin ‘everyone needs a dog’

Nadia Conte likes your pin ‘so cool’

Socorro Haro likes your pin ‘so cool’

Jessie Perez repinned your pin ‘pretty ‘

Annie Lachowicz repinned your pin ‘so cool’

Morgan McWilliams repinned your pin ‘Night out’

Erin Walker repinned your pin ‘O my goodness’

Susan Buchanan repinned your pin ‘so cool’

Gillie Bjarnason repinned your pin ‘everyone needs a bull dog’

Anita Harrison repinned your pin ‘so cool’

Ali Borzomati repinned your pin ‘so cool’

Kristy Elkins repinned your pin ‘so cool’

Cheryl Wiggins repinned your pin ‘everyone needs a dog’

Erica Ages repinned your pin ‘ ‘

Bonnie Wainwright repinned your pin ‘This love bug looks just like my Diva when she sleeps…’

Bethany Newell repinned your pin ‘shading’

I had done absolutely nothing and getting traffic. What you are doing is taking someone’s already “viral” pin and making your own so that it can go viral.

Some notes: I did this on a brand new Pinterest account. I had 0 followers when I started doing this test. I also did this on a brand new blog, so there was no traffic prior. I am 100% positive that this can be scaled up because I know people making decent money from Pinterest.

When someone tells you they can’t make money online, show them this post. I’m pretty sure my dog could do it.

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